Welcome to America is an art exhibition about reality today through the eyes of the artist,
Tomer Peretz.



Doors open 5pm, show starts 7pm, limited capacity.

The show will go all night. For the full experience, It is highly recommended to arrive between 5-6 pm or 9-10 pm.


The Show

Artist, Tomer Peretz welcomes you to join his thought-provoking art exhibition featuring original artworks, installations, and performances. In the heart of downtown la, this 11,000 sqft exhibition is an extraordinary two-part show that’s never been done before. You will arrive on the first floor to Tomer’s new collection inspired through his years of living in America to then experience the unanticipated on the second floor. Materiality today has shown through the eyes of the artist, you can expect a shocking, provocative, mind-blowing encounter, be ready!


The Artist

a Los Angeles-based Israeli conceptual artist and painter. An artist since his early childhood in Jerusalem, Peretz utilizes a spectrum of platforms, including oil and acrylic painting, photography, and conceptual art, to express his unique and contemporary point of view. Peretz is currently represented by the reputable gallerist giancarlo pedrazzini in the ‘fabbrica eos’ gallery in milan, italy. Peretz’s artwork has been showcased in Israel, Mexico, Italy, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and more. A passionate visionary, his art, portraits, and installations serve to highlight his perspective and beliefs. Welcometoamerica is his new project and his point of view of the system today.
Special thanks:

Lital Peretz
Linor Hazut
Ella Jane Pearson
Asaf Amario
Rotem Fhima – Orange Tulip Studio
Roei Kalvo
Avi Florentin
David Lecompte
Chaim Machlev – DotsToLines
Tal Ohana
Angelo Dominic
Ray Avila
Nadi Moss